Resolution_AGMS 2020

  1. Resolution of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2020.
  2. Changing Company’s Charter.
  3. Appointing Supervisory Board:
    1. Mr Lee Chang Ho_Passport No.: M46070072_Head of Supervisory Board
    2. Ms Pham Trinh Bich Ngoc_ID No. 001189021648_Member of Supervisory Board
    3. Ms Tran Nguyen Khanh Tuong_ID No. 079194000576_Member of Supervisory Board

[VNSC]_09.2020_CV_CBTT_NQ ĐHĐCĐTN 2020_En

[VNSC]_NQ_Họp ĐHĐCĐTN 2020_14.04.2020


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